Secure storage with Get Sky

Get Sky is included in your broadband subscription from Get. The cloud storage service gives you unlimited storage from as many devices you want. Easy to get started is it too!

Free for Get broadband customers


Privacy in WORLD CLASS


Getting Started with Get Sky takes just a few minutes, then you are ready to save your photos in a safer and smarter way. We recommend downloading Get Sky on all your devices, both the laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

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Unlimited storage

With Get Sky, you can save as many pictures and digital files you want, completely free. The service supports all file formats and you can back-up from your phone, tablet and computers. If you wish you can also set up automatic back-up. Then you have everything available if your old hard drive should crash, or you lose your mobile.

You can save:

All the contents of Your PC / Mac

All the content on Your Android devices

All pictures from Your Apple devices

All pictures from Your Windows Phone

Included in your broadband subscription

If you are Broadband Customer at GET you have unlimited storage in Get Cloud included in your subscription. If you do not have broadband from us today, you can book it here.

See your photos anywhere

With Get Sky, you have access to your photos wherever you are. Very nice when you want to show the grandmother movie of the pod’s first step, and very convenient the day you need the copy of your passport. All the files you have stored in Get Sky are synchronized and are available on all your devices. Who should have access to which image folder you easily set up yourself.

World-class privacy

Get Sky is a Norwegian service and operates under Norwegian privacy legislation. All files that are uploaded are stored on Norwegian servers. Most major cloud storage services store their files on foreign servers, which means that they may not be well protected against access. This makes a cloud to a good choice for those who are concerned with security and want an alternative to the cloud services you may have today.

Easy to share

Sharing pictures with others has never been easier. With Get Sky, you can send photos to friends or share folders with your family – without worrying about file size. Very nice after the girlfriend for example!

There are two ways to share your files with Get Sky on:

You can create Folders where several Can upload files


Sending folders by email To family and friends That has not got cloud


Once you have enabled KLY you can download apps for both mobile, tablet and PC / Mac.
If you have not activated Get Sky yet, you can do it here.


Here we have collected some common product questions about Get Sky.

Answer: If you only store important files in one place, they are lost forever if you should lose, or be robbed, the computer or mobile they are stored. If you use SKY with back-up and automatic synchronization, digital memories and important documents are always safe and accessible.

Answer: You can save all file types: photos, movies, documents or music.

Answer: Your privacy is very important to us. In Norway, we have one of the world’s strictest privacy laws, and therefore all our servers in Norway. Compared to other competitors, which stores data outside Norway, you have better rights and terms.

Answer: Yes. If you do not have broadband from Get, you can order it here.

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